The top cryptocurrency exchanges that require no KYC verification since it allows you to trade crypto at the best rates. They allow you to trade 400+ cryptos, cryptocurrencies, and tokens without having to create an account on any exchange.

One of the newer contenders in the market, SideShift advertises themselves as the “no sign-up crypto exchange,” which sounds perfect for those looking lot quickly get in and out of a coin swap. SideShift’s coin selection is rather limited, but they do carry several major coins, including BTC, ETH, XMR, XLM, USDT, and BCH, among others

With over 140 coins and tokens that can be easily swapped for one another within minutes, Changelly is one of the longest-running and most flexible cryptocurrency swapping services around.

Having been in operation since late 2017, MorphToken has quietly been one of the most dependable crypto swapping services around, with one of the lowest fees for making simple swaps between BTC and ETH (approximately 1%). Like most of the others, MorphToken charges a small fee officially (0.25%) but actually makes most of its profit by offering less-than-competitive exchange rates.

We potentially saved the best for last with Godex, an exchange with an extensive selection that has been dedicated to protecting the privacy of its users since 2017. Godex has never requested personal information from its users beyond an email address.

As in name, ChangeNOW shares a lot of similarities with Changelly; the main difference being they have no signup process and offer a flat 1.5% rate for each trade. They also offer a sizeable array of 235 different trading options, including 18 fiat currencies.